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Nathan and Eldon Pinke

At Pinke Homes, you could say the home building is in our blood. Eldon Pinke’s father and grandfather were both carpenters. Eldon began doing carpentry work in 1962. In 1977, Eldon and Carol Pinke purchased the lumberyard in Wishek, North Dakota. In 2007, Eldon and Carol’s son Nathan and his wife Katie joined the business. Nathan and Katie have three children. Together they represent a family history of five generations in the building industry.

Pinke Lumber, a retail lumberyard, and supply business established a strong reputation for detailed planning and general contracting projects from start to finish across south-central North Dakota and continues to build projects across the region. Customers outside of the immediate trade area of Pinke Lumber asked for the quality and process of our building. Pinke Homes was created to meet the needs of customers across North Dakota, South Dakota, eastern Montana, and western Minnesota. Pinke Homes designs, plans and builds ready to move homes in Wishek and moves them to customers’ locations in one-piece with a professional house mover. 

Pinke Homes utilizes local craftsmen and area tradespeople to build each home from start to finish. From more than 40 years of home building experience, we follow a detailed planning process you are a part of, complete with checklists, upgrade options and a local interior designer to help achieve the exact look and feel you want for your home. When you work with Pinke Homes, you are working our family-owned, rural business, rooted in quality and the craft of building. We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you in your home building.

Business history
45 years in business

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