Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of purchasing a Pinke Homes house vs a modular house?
We build houses as one piece, stick-built homes – they are not cut apart, which offers more favorable lending opportunities, appraisals and other benefits because the house is not modular.

How does the moving work?

We include up to $15,000 in moving expenses and set you up with a trusted structural mover to safely get your new home from our location to yours.

How long does it take to finish a Pinke Homes house?

Your new home will be ready for transport within 120 days after construction begins.

How much customization is available with Pinke Homes?

We have a handy acronym for how we approach customizing our homes: BUILD – Bring us your ideas, Utilize our showroom and our experience, Include your own designs/finshes/paint/style, Letus build it and let us manage it, Deliver your new home. We encourage our customers to come to our showroom to pick out the materials, colors, finishes, etc. that works with their unique style. 

We have displays set up in our on-site lumber yard and showroom for customers to get a better idea of what they’re looking for in their build, which generally happens in two phases:
Phase 1 – When driving up to the home, what do you see? Shingles, siding, windows, finalized floor plan
Phase 2 – What’s on the inside? Feel the space of the room, plan the insides, cabinets, flooring, paint, trim, they have a local design person helps with colors/details
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What does "ready to move" mean?

Our custom homes are ready to move 120 days from when construction begins and built in one-piece with the same quality materials and process as an on-site home. Our homes are complete and ready for safe transport from our facilities in Wishek, ND to your land or lot.

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